Outdoor pool: Your child should know (now)


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I used to hate him and at the same time respect him, the swimmer in the swimming pool. Especially in the outdoor pool, adventure pool or leisure pool, he always intervened in the most beautiful moments and prevented our game. When Lukas and Leon showed the best water bombs of the threesome, Leonie arrived with fresh fries and a large bottle of Coke to strengthen or Sven took photos of the girls. I didn’t like that!

Juchu, the outdoor pool is finally on

Today I am older, smarter and have more life experience. I know that the bathers in the swimming pool or in the outdoor pool are primarily concerned with the fact that no one is harmed. Under no circumstances should anyone drown, slip on greasy fries that a hungry child has lost at the edge of the pool, or be harmed by a shard of glass left over from a broken bottle. The latest addition: Don’t be a Corona Hotspot!!

He must also prevent being tracked by a video from the swimming pool via cyberbullying. In order to achieve these goals, the lifeguard in the swimming pool has to crack down on many situations.

Swimming pool, outdoor pool

Now also Corona controller

At the moment, the lifeguards have a particularly hard time, because despite the opening, the diving tower is closed in most outdoor pools, the water slides are blocked and there are not too many people allowed into the water at the same time. In addition, a mouth-nose protection must be worn away from the pelvis, at the entrance and exit or at the kiosk. This is controlled by the lifeguard – and thus he guarantees for our protection from Corona in the swimming pool. As far as that is possible.

Five goals of the lifeguard in the outdoor pool

Because I wanted to know exactly, I asked a lifeguard about the start of the outdoor pool and swimming pool season. Yes, it was already burnt brown and looked very sporty. As I used to think, “What a cool job, always in the swimming pool, always in the sun and looking up beautiful girls.” But then I talked to the really nice lifeguard for a long time.


Swimming noodles
Swimming noodles for the outdoor pool at amazon

And these are his 5 no-gos:

1. Non-swimmers in the swimming pool (why, does not need to be explained, right?)

2. Mobile phone by the pool, because then he has to constantly check whether it is taking photos or filming.

3. Eat and drink at the edge of the pool and on the open space next to the swimming pools. Especially the children like to fall down, break bottles and overturn drinks. The downtapped food attracts wasps and can lead to accidents.

4. Escape routes must be kept free. This means that towel bearings must not be set up around the swimming pools, but only on the lying surfaces.

5. Dispute between the many different swimming pool visitors, who have very different ideas of a beautiful day in the outdoor pool.

Plus the Corona No Gos

6. Not too many people in the water at the same time.

7. No one jumps, climbs or slips.

8. At the kiosk, at the entrance and exit, the mask must be put on.

9. When swimming, the predetermined tracks must be adhered to.

The tone is quite rough in the swimming pool

In the outdoor pool, in the swimming pool, in the thermal spa, in the adventure pool, in the leisure pool and in the indoor pool, very different people come together.

  • Parents with their young children
  • older people who swim to maintain their mobility
  • Young people who want to do Radau properly
  • Swimmers who want to pull their tracks
  • Couple who find a visit to the swimming pool romantic
  • Primary school children who are finally allowed to go to the swimming pool alone
  • so-called integration groups of refugees
  • Large families who spend their holidays in the swimming pool
Swimming goggles
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Often there is a dispute

All these groups have different ideas about the swimming pool. As a result, there are constant disputes because the area is not large enough to meet all requirements. If the conflict cannot be resolved, the lifeguard must come here. And that happens every minute.

He can’t please everyone, so he definitely attracts the anger of some group of people. It is not uncommon for the parties to the conflict to join forces and scold the lifeguard together.

I don’t want the job

Honestly, I used to not be able to suffer lifeguards and today I don’t want to trade with them. It is not easy to take responsibility all day for no one to drown. But also having to solve conflicts all the time and being fooled, that’s just not fun.

If I could, I would shout out to all swimming pool visitors: “Think not only of you, but also of others. Everyone wants to have fun in the swimming pool. Everyone has to put a little bit back. Rejoice that we have outdoor pools at all, this is not a matter of course in every country.”

But who would listen to me? That’s why I have established my own swimming pool rules and keep them disciplined. If you want, you can imitate me.

My rules in the swimming pool

  1. If I want to have my peace in the outdoor pool, I visit it during school hours and outside the school holidays.
  2. I prefer to eat at home, because greasy fries and salty sausages are unhealthy anyway. As a drink I prefer water, that does not stick and is cheap.
  3. If I have long hair, I tie it together with a rubber. I also don’t want to claw around in the hairy tentacles of other swimming pool users.
  4. If someone swims in my way, I smile at him kindly and look for another track. I don’t want a fight in the swimming pool, I’m looking for rest.
  5. I like to see cheering, squirting and laughing children. I want children to have fun and forget the stress of school in the outdoor pool or swimming pool. They make social contacts here and sometimes they can even be taught that they should take a little care of older people. Sometimes.
  6. I leave my phone in the car or don’t take it with me at all. For employment I pack the good old paperback, because it can get wet sometimes.

With me the lifeguard wouldn’t have so much to do

Earplugs for the swimming pool

Anyway, I think so. Maybe I would text him how wonderful the water is, how warm the sun and how wonderful life is. He would listen to me with a smile and think, “Some people really have nothing else to do but go swimming in the outdoor pool.”

Then I see a wrinkle of sorrow on his forehead. He moves and moves purposefully towards two teenagers, who sit casually at the edge of the pool and smoke a cigarette.

So I put my earplugs back in, immerse the big toe in the pelvis and decide to pull one, two or three tracks.