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Max to the video: 5 steps to the good attachment
Thank you, have written a 1!

Osas Williams to the video: Fairytale writingA huge big kiss you get from
me.thank you helped me a lot .daaaanke beautiful😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊thank you

ProGaming TV to video: Accident report
learning photo thank you exactly what I needed in german got a 2

Niko Play Z HD to the video: Write accident report
The video helped me a lot. I got the test back today and it was a 1

Fndkd Nnsnd
I wrote a 1

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Pytox to video adverbs / adverb
Beautiful video very short and very information rich 👌👍 the most important to point out
Farah to the video reading box
You saved my life😂😘😍

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Our newer videos are no longer only subject to music by Tilmann Höhen, but also discuss them. We also test various information. We are always happy about your comment if it is in any form substantial. You are welcome to keep stupid sayings.
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