Do you know these learning secrets?

Some children simply do better than others at school, even though they are no wiser. With relatively little effort, they manage a fairly high level of performance. They don’t need much energy to achieve their goal.

Learning secrets
Good grades with learning secrets

Real secrets, tricks or even magic are not in play. Rather, the students manage to absorb a lot of information in a short time and to remember it permanently through the optimal use of learning techniques and through the knowledge of their own learning structure.

For example, you don’t waste time tormenting yourself with boring vocabulary, but resort directly to a learning method that suits them, such as the finger method. They also know good strategies when capturing texts, which they quickly achieve.

Class work and tests do not frighten them because they adhere to a well-thought-out preparation plan. The positive results may seem mysterious, but they are achievable for every child.

Learning secret
Small test on learning secrets Source: Learning and promoting with fun

Learning successes are no coincidence

Good grades and success experiences at school can reach every child. Especially successful children know the so-called learning secrets and apply them automatically over time.

Once understood and successfully tried, they are often preserved for the student for a lifetime. Here the saying, for learning for life, really makes sense.

By continuously practicing homework, the children can also benefit from the learning tips in the classroom. They learn to distinguish important from unimportant and to make concise but relevant transcripts.

Does your child use learning secrets?

Often, however, the best learning tips are lost in stressful everyday life. Because time is short and motivation is limited, parents and children usually want to get to work as quickly as possible or prepare for work.

It is worth investing some time in learning behaviour in the first place in order to be relieved in the long term of learning. Students begin to see their mistakes with different eyes and learn from them. After a short time, the first successes can be seen.