Zentangle and Attention

A new trend is taking hold, Zentangle. The mal-virus infects children, adolescents and adults. If you’ve been to a bookstore recently, you can’t get past the mountains of coloring books. Relaxing while drawing, for example for hyperactive AD(H)S children, is in full trend.

Zentangle Fish
Zentangle Fish

A very special form of meditative painting is the tangle. This relaxing hobby combines drawing with meditation. The term Zen-tangl is composed of the Japanese Zen (meditation) and the American rectangle (quadrangle).

This promotes Zentagle

  • close look
  • Fine motor skills
  • Creativity
  • individual elements, but also the whole thing, to keep an eye on
  • Stamina
  • come to rest
  • the preoccupation with oneself

Combined, the term describes very precisely what it is all about. Relaxation through drawing. The best Zentangle gifts can be found here.

Zentangle Triangle

A drawing method is spreading

Zentangle promotes concentration and helps to be balanced and relaxed. The creative drawing method comes from America. The painting is done there on 9 x 9 cm large maps. A wide variety of works of art with small patterns are created by the “tanglen”.

Initially, the lines are clear and the patterns are simple, the more advanced the painted, the more nested the combinations become. Imaginative patterns emerge. I use simple small character blocks, which are available for a few euros, and black fineliners.

That’s how this pillow came about, during a boring TV show on a Sunday night.

Zentangle Kiossen
Pillow Zentangle

Zentangle relaxes and makes you happy

If you are dealing with the tangle, you will soon notice that the new hobby has a lot of positive effects. Enthusiastic draughtsmen even paint themselves in a trance. When painting, the environment is hidden, stress evaporates and the small painting squares or drawing blocks gradually fill up with fantastic creations.

In class, homework and in the office, meditative painting or zendoodle is already the hit. It’s not necessarily about the result, it’s about drawing itself.

When painting, the state of the flow arises. A state of happiness in which time and space become unimportant.

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Who is Zentangle suitable for?

Anyone who is stressed and who finds it difficult to relax should definitely try it. Beginners only need a suitable painting field, trouble-free time and good pens. In the specialist trade there are matching sketch blocks and pens.

There are also corresponding pens. In the beginning, coloring pages and simple Zentangle patterns also help to familiarize yourself with the principle. Advanced users can’t leave the house without their Zentangle utensils.

While waiting for food, in a lecture, at the doctor’s office or on the bus – a zentangle shortens the waiting time and also makes you happy.

It’s not about perfection, it’s about pure fun

Soon the method becomes independent and drawing on the squares (or free) becomes an absolute leisure fun. Even hyperactive children, stressed managers and even bored teenagers have discovered the new hobby and can be taken away into the world of creativity by drawing.

From time to time, the drawings become better, more imaginative, more interesting. And you can just censor almost anywhere. Just try it out.