Start the day with care

Everyday life with children requires a high level of attention, a lot of commitment and great responsibility. This is exhausting and eats at the energies. Parents often have too little sleep, too many tasks and are constantly under power.

Short mindfulness exercises are ideal to make everyday parenting more conscious. Instead of rushing from appointment to appointment as remotely, you can consciously control your life. The following 7 exercises will help you to enjoy your day-to-day education with care and awareness.

You, your child and your partner benefit from this. Mindfulness is a form of human consciousness, a special form of attention. It is a clear state of consciousness that allows to register and allow every inner and outer experience at the present moment without prejudice.

With increasing mindfulness, habitual automatic and unconscious reactions to the current experience are reduced, resulting in a high degree of situational, authentic and self-confident action.

7 Mindfulness Exercises for Parents in Everyday Education

Mindfulness for parents

Mindfulness for parents can start directly, you don’t need any materials, utensils or a longer space. In your apartment, at the desk, in the living room or in the kitchen, mindfulness for parents can arise.

All exercises are easy to implement. Start directly and feel the positive aspects of the exercises.

Our mindfulness exercises help you experience and enjoy every day more consciously. Small breaks are wonderful helpers to bring back used energy. Try it. After just one day, you will feel the power of mindfulness exercises for parents.

1. Mindfulness for parents : Consciously drink coffee and have breakfast

Mindfulness for parents

Take time for breakfast. Taste the aroma of fresh coffee, the salty bread dough or the savoury cheese. Do not snare your breakfast, but try to enjoy every bite and sip.

5 minutes of attention and mindfulness for your breakfast will make you satisfied and confident all day. Talk to your child or partner about breakfast, what does he taste, what he likes most, what does he not like.

2. Mindfulness for Parents : Consciously hug and say goodbye to your child

Meeting children with care

When you say goodbye to your child at the front door, you’re sure to take it in your arms or press a kiss on his head. Don’t do it by the way, but enjoy this moment.

Feel the hug and breathe in your child’s scent. A brief moment of mindfulness also signals to your child that you appreciate and love them. This is how a careful and conscious start to the day succeeds.

3. Mindfulness for Parents : Consciously enjoy a moment of silence

Mindfulness for parents, mindfulness exercises, mindfulness training

The front door falls behind your child into the castle. Suddenly it is quiet in the apartment, you are alone. Take 2 minutes to enjoy this silence.

Listen to the sounds that are otherwise covered by the conversations. Do you hear the buzz of the washing machine, the chuckling in the water pipe or the quiet hum of the coffee machine?

4. Mindfulness for parents : Consciously track down the smells of the day
Mindfulness for parents, mindfulness exercises, mindfulness training

When you prepare food for your child, you will be confronted with a whole range of odours. Breathe consciously and notice the odours emanating from the food.

The sweet honey, the spicy chilli, the scent of the journey or the savoury tomato sauce, valuable foods to deal with with mindfully and gratefully.

5. Mindfulness for parents : Consciously perceive current thoughts
Mindfulness for parents, mindfulness exercises, mindfulness training

Do you drive to work or pick up your child from the sports club? Turn off the radio or music and focus on your thoughts.

What is going through your mind, what do you want to think about? Think of the flow of thought like a highway where your thoughts pass by. Capture an important thought and follow it up.

It is mindful not to let your own thoughts fly over again and again, but to follow some important ones to the end.

6. Mindfulness for parents : Consciously design breaks with tea
Mindfulness for parents, mindfulness exercises, mindfulness training

Take small breaks several times a day, during which you can consciously relax. Maybe you’re cooking yourself a fragrant tea that warms you inwardly.

Hold your nose over the hot steam and breathe in the scent of fresh tea leaves. Feel as the tea slowly flows through your body then carefully drink your tea and feel relaxed and satisfied.

7. Mindfulness for Parents : Consciously follow the breath
Mindfulness for parents, mindfulness exercises, mindfulness training

We do it all day, but rarely do we focus on it. Breathing provides our body with oxygen. Trace your breath several times a day, follow how, when inhaling, the abdomen curves slightly inwards and is pushed outwards when exhaling.

Try to turn off your thoughts and just take care of your breath. Slowly you will become calmer and more relaxed.