Telling stories
    Let’s tell stories

    It’s great fun to sit down comfortably in the run-up to Christmas and just let the imagination play. Telling stories is particularly good for this. Since we won’t meet so many friends and acquaintances this year, we just make ourselves … Weiterlesen…

    Hyperfocus | hyperfocus

    Since fourteen-year-old Lena is in love, everything in her life revolves around Jacob, she is hyper-focused. It borders on obsession with how she connects every part of the day with her swarm. He sits with her in hyperfocus. Already at … Weiterlesen…

    Halloween Celebration
    Halloween – Ideas for a creepy party

    Parties, celebrations and celebrations are not so easy for Halloween this year. Large groups, singing games or tackles should be omitted as far as possible because of Covid-19. This applies not only to birthdays, holidays or holidays, but also to … Weiterlesen…

    Spar-Bundle Lernen

    Unsere 10 Knaller Materialien zum tollen Angebotspreis!

    • Lesetagebuch Jungen Anleitung
    • Lesetagebuch Mädchen Anleitung
    • Kinderkrimi Internet Kids online – größenveränderbar
    • Reizwortgeschichte schreiben Anleitung
    • Bildergeschichte schreiben Anleitung
    • Entschuldigung für die Schule schreiben – Vorlagen
    • großer Lerntyptest mit Lerntipps
    • Leichter lesen lernen
    • Kid-Power-Cards zur Motivation



    Prevent blackout

    The blackout is really a stupid thing, because as a result, the student not only gets a worse grade, but also loses confidence in his or her exam competence. All experiences and experiences are stored in the brain, both the … Weiterlesen…

    Celebrate your birthday at school

    Especially at school, but also in the families at home, the topic of birthday parties has been dealt with creatively for weeks. Friends and family can’t come at all or only to a limited extent, and at school, almost anything … Weiterlesen…

    Book Creator Instructions
    Book Creator for your own e-books

    Creating an e-book yourself is easy with the Book Creator. Don’t you think so? But it’s true! The free program inspires teachers, parents, children and young people worldwide. It allows easy creation of an e-book, its publication and distribution. I … Weiterlesen…

    Haustiere für Kinder
    Pets for children

    At some point, each child is likely to address their parents to their own pet, often triggered by pets from friends or relatives. But how do you react when suddenly it’s almost daily about pets for children? Old enough for … Weiterlesen…

    Coverage of the costs of learning therapy

    Cost assumption for learning therapy by the Youth Office If a school child has dyslexia or dyscalculia, his or her parents can be reimbursed for funding through the Youth Office. A number of steps are required to cover the costs … Weiterlesen…

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