3 Blöcke – 1 Preis

Wer richtig gut fürs Lernen ausgestattet sein möchte, braucht diese 3 einzigartigen Lernblöcke. Mitschriften | Protokoll Block für jedes Fach ❗️ Aufsatzplaner Hilfe für jede Form von Sachtexten und literarischen Texten ❗️ Textaufgabenschablone zum Entschlüsseln und Lösen von Sach- und … Weiterlesen…

Telling stories
Let’s tell stories

It’s great fun to sit down comfortably in the run-up to Christmas and just let the imagination play. Telling stories is particularly good for this. Since we won’t meet so many friends and acquaintances this year, we just make ourselves … Weiterlesen…

Hyperfocus | hyperfocus

Since fourteen-year-old Lena is in love, everything in her life revolves around Jacob, she is hyper-focused. It borders on obsession with how she connects every part of the day with her swarm. He sits with her in hyperfocus. Already at … Weiterlesen…

Halloween Celebration
Halloween – Ideas for a creepy party

Parties, celebrations and celebrations are not so easy for Halloween this year. Large groups, singing games or tackles should be omitted as far as possible because of Covid-19. This applies not only to birthdays, holidays or holidays, but also to … Weiterlesen…

Prevent blackout

The blackout is really a stupid thing, because as a result, the student not only gets a worse grade, but also loses confidence in his or her exam competence. All experiences and experiences are stored in the brain, both the … Weiterlesen…

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