10 Games by Far – Distance Proximity Ideas

Games by far
Ideas for Distance Games

Playing together without the risk of contagion, i.e. so-called distance games, is the order of the day. Whether playing at home, with friends or in school and kindergarten, is a basic need of children. We present here 10 games by far, which are easy to implement and fun for every child. Or celebrate birthday at school – ideas here.

Children always play, they need games now by far

They are games for two partners, but also for groups. They can be played indoors or outdoors. Children are imaginative, they certainly complement individual rules or invent completely new games. Certainly your child will also have ideas on how to change old games to games by far.

1. Wise me the way of the coin

Number of players: any

required material: 1 piece of money per child

Space / surroundings: best outdoor

Rules of the game: A target is set that is approximately 50 to 100 meters from the starting point. All players stand side by side in a row (at least 1.5 meters apart) and toss their coin one after the other. If it falls on the page with the number, you go an agreed step number (5 to 10) either to the left or right, it falls on the graphic, then straight. If another child stands in the way, the litter expires.

Whoever arrived at the finish line first won.

Games with coins

2. Who laughs first

Number of players: 2 to 5

required material: face without mask

Room / Surroundings: Sitting in a circle

Only with the help of grimaces and Klamauk is it tried to make the other laugh. Those who laugh first have lost. The loser must go to the center of the circle and complete a pre-arranged task, for example, make push-ups. Of course by far, that is clear.

Grimaces cut
I can make you laugh

3. Mug phone

Number of players: 2 children

required material: 2 empty cans or cups, a cord, something to pierce holes (screwdriver, nail)

Space / surroundings: best outdoor

Two cans or cups drilled on the ground are connected with a thread, the ends must be knotted. After that, each child takes a can or a cup in his hand and removes from the other until the cord is tightly stretched. Now one takes the cup to his ear and listens to what the other is talking about in his own. Only when the thread is tightly tensioned, the sound waves transmit well.

4. Scissors, stone, paper or frills, sniffing

Number of players: 2

required material: only your own hand

Space / Environment: everywhere

After the players with their fists closed, they have said frills, frills, sniffs three times, they move their closed hand into the middle and open them at the same time. as scissors, stone, fountain or paper. It is agreed in advance how often the total is played. Then the winner is determined.

Scissors beats paper (because it cuts),

Paper beats stone (because it wraps it),

Stone beats scissors (because he makes them blunt).

Fountain beats scissors and stone (because they fall in)

You can also paint with stones

5. (Not) YES – (Not) NO Game

Number of players: 2

required material: only your own hand

Space / Environment: everywhere

A player, a player asks the other person a question. The other person must answer without using “yes” or “no”. Whoever manages to lure out the forbidden words has won – then roles are exchanged.

The loser must complete a pre-arranged task, for example, make push-ups.

10 Distance Games
Ideas for games by far

6. Rubber twist

Number of players: 3

required material: an elastic cord, approx. 4 meters long

Space / Environment: everywhere

Two children stand opposite each other and hold a tightly tensioned, elastic cord with their legs. A third child must now perform certain jumps with the cord.

Known jumps or figures

1) Center (here you jump into the middle of the rubber band so that both feet are surrounded by the rubber band)
2) Grating (in this jump variant, both feet are placed outside the rubber; the left foot is placed almost to the left of the left rubber band and the right foot is placed to the right of the right rubber band)
3) Up (you jump on the rubber with both feet so that the left foot lands on the left rubber band and the right foot on the right rubber band)
4) Out (you jump with both feet on the predetermined left or right side next to the rubber band so that you land outside the rubber band)

The explosiveness of Rubbertwist is that in the course of the game, the difficulties were increased by stretching the tape higher.

Level 1) Ankle
Level 2) Wade
Level 3) Knee
Level 4) Thigh
Level 5) Hip

7. Dream Journey, Fantasy Journey

Number of players: unlimited

required material: floor or mat for lying down

Space / surroundings: quiet space, meadow,

The players close their eyes and listen to the story that an adult tells. In the process, they are taken into a fantasy world, usually to relax completely. These are not classic games by far, but as a break the fantasy journey is absolutely suitable.

Fantasy journey
Please do not fall asleep!

8. Darts

Number of players: 2 to 4

required material: darts with disc and arrows, dart rules

Room / surroundings: large room or garden

The classic dartboard consists of the natural fiber sisal. Cheap targets are made of cork or paper. In the electronic dart game, the discs are made of plastic. The players are about 2.5 meters from the disc.

The dartboard is divided into different fields and segments, to which different scores from 1 to 20 are assigned. Players take turns throwing their arrow set and trying to score certain points.

9. Viking Chess

Number of players: 2 to 4

required material: the wooden blocks of the game

Space / surroundings: garden, park, meadow (ground)

Viking chess is a mixture of boules and cones that can be played wonderfully on lawns. The game consists of ten wooden blocks, six throwing woods and one king. Sometimes there are also four border pegs. A rectangular playing field is placed on the lawn or the meadow. Each player builds five wooden blocks, called Kubbs, side by side on their baseline. In the middle of the playing field is placed the king, a wooden block (king’s cube) with a crown. According to certain rules, the five wooden blocks of the opponents must first be thrown off with the throwing woods and then hit the king at the end. Whoever succeeds in this round has won this round. Players are not allowed to cross their baseline.

Viking Chess
Let’s play

10. Scavenger Hunt

Number of players: from 2

required material: preparation required, the treasure must be hidden and the clues created

Space / Environment: everywhere

A scavenger hunt combined fun, play and tensions with lots of movement. During a scavenger hunt in small groups or alone, the children can solve tasks that bring them step by step closer to the goal, the treasure. Ultimately, what is found in the treasure chest is not so important. In the case of scavenger hunting, the following applies: The path is the goal.