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ADHD in puberty
ADHD in puberty

Since fourteen-year-old Lena is in love, everything in her life revolves around Jacob, she is hyper-focused. It borders on obsession with how she connects every part of the day with her swarm. He sits with her in hyperfocus. Already at breakfast she pokes around dreamily in her muesli, paints hearts in the oatmeal and then leaves the half-full plate standing. Smiling and dreamy, she makes her way to the school bus. It can happen that she leaves her backpack with all school supplies at home.

Hyperfocus or Hyperfocus: Completely Absorb in one thing

In class, she paints hearts on her writing pad and on her forearm, rather than following the teachers’ remarks. Highly concentrated, she writes small love letters and decorates them with artistic drawings. At first, the parents are very enthusiastic about how concentrated their forgetful and chaotic daughter suddenly seems. But then they realize that Lena has hardly any other things in mind than this boy.

It’s all about Jacob

The contents of the lesson no longer absorb them at all. She can’t remember her homework, usually explaining that she wouldn’t have any. If she spends time at her desk, she makes plans for how to draw Jacob’s attention. Highly concentrated, she compares the timetables in front of her and Jacob, and plans random meetings at the bus or in the schoolyard.

Lena is suddenly enthusiastic about American football because Jacob is playing the sport. For hours, she searches the Internet for up-to-date information, only to be close to Jacob. Often it is not responsive at all and does not react.
However, Lena is unable to focus on other areas. On the contrary, her grades are getting worse and worse because she turns off in class. There is room for nothing else in her life than for Jacob. She dreams of a life together and considers the school to be pointless and wasted time.

ADHD in puberty
Nothing works

What to do if a child is hyper-focused?

Lena’s parents are perplexed. After all, they cannot simply make the young man disappear. The romance also plays out more in Lena’s head than in reality. How should they influence this?
When they scold their daughter, they achieve nothing at all. Even house arrest, a long conversation with the teachers and a computer ban are of no use. Even when they pull in Lena’s smartphone for a while, the young girl’s behavior doesn’t change. She just gets very angry with her parents and retreats even more into her room and her own world.

Then Lena’s behavior suddenly changes. A friend of Jacob told her that her swarm was interested in another girl. For Lena, a world is collapsing. For days she hides in her room and cries, is inconsolable, speaks of the end of her life. Your positive attitude to life is
one minute onto the other. She can no longer gain anything positive from everyday life, withdraws from all activities. She also refuses to talk, listens to excessive music and writes a diary. Only after a long seven days does Lena’s behaviour change, the focus on Jacob seems to have been overcome. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, and now Lena is responsive, albeit unfocused as ever. ]]>

ADHD in puberty
I don't care about that now.

Hyperfocus occurs in children and adolescents with ADHD

For a young person with an AD(H)S, it is not bad to focus his talent and interest on a task instead of shifting his or her need for tension and excitement to drugs or criminal acts. With Jessica, hyperfocus is most evident when she reads. She is a multi-reader and then immerses herself 100 percent in the world of the book. When she starts a book, she has to read it. Before that, she failed to turn to another topic. Homework or preparation for school, a meeting with friends or a trip with family - nothing interests them before the current book ends.

Hyper-focused: What happened?

If adolescents, children or adults with an AD(H)S are interested in a specific topic, they can remain highly focused and motivated. Once their interest has been aroused, they can deal with a subject as much as hardly any person without the disorder. Many highly gifted geniuses are believed to owe their discoveries and insights to hyperfocus, such as Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon Bonaaparte or Ludwig van Beethoven. They all performed exceptionally well and were very special personalities who were most likely affected by an AD(H)S.

Hyperfocusing is a particular type of concentration, but it also carries dangers

  • Children and adolescents who hyperfocus neglect everything else that is also important and necessary in their lives.
  • School performance suffers particularly as necessary knowledge is no longer absorbed at all. It seems that the brain is fully utilized to focus on a topic.
  • Of course, this behaviour causes anger on many levels. The teachers, the friends and also the family no longer seem to reach the young people. You
  • are completely deregistered.

Hyperfocus goals are not always positv

Many young people sink into role-playing worlds, live in imaginary communities and lose touch with reality. The hyperfocus on the online world here quickly leads to an addictive behavior from which the young person can hardly get out on his own. Young people who are in a state of hyperfocus often hear such sentences as: "Well, it's possible. You're just too lazy to focus on school. Get more on yourself!"
The fact that a young person affected by AD(H)S can concentrate only if there is already a high level of motivation beforehand is completely overlooked. However, young people have no influence on this motivation and cannot consciously manufacture or control it.


Hyperfocus and Special Knowledge

Many young people have special fields that inspire them and in which they are attentive and focused on the matter. Falling in love is like a specialty. The interests of the other are taken over and subordinated to one's own preferences. For everything else, the energy and the power are missing. The state of FLOW, i.e. the complete rise in a task with the loss of the sense of time, is known to many creative people. The demarcation to focus on an AD(H)S is difficult. Both conditions are comparable, but the adolescents with an AD(H)S have little influence on the beginning and end of the condition. They have to be almost forced to get out of the situations.

Mindmap Hyperfocus

Typical examples of hyperfocus are:

  • the perfect, days-long deepening into a gripping video game
  • unbridled energy, which is directed towards a topic, such as a
  • absolute enthusiasm for playing an instrument that is open day and night
    is implemented
  • endless puzzles, knitting or tinkering without opening up to anything else
  • permanent, mental preoccupation with a topic, so that no
    Entertainment about something else is possible
  • unlimited enthusiasm for technical knowledge that can be used in any other field of

Hyperfocus can lead to disappointment

Caution: If adolescents with an AD(H)S are in a phase of hyperfocus, this also carries dangers. In Lena's case, the disappointment of her swarm Jacob could lead to a form of depression. It is important that parents or guardians alike keep a distance and keep an eye on development. If they recognize symptoms of depression (cancellation of all contacts, total withdrawal, massive crying, lack of drive, suicidal thoughts) a specialist must be called in.