Parental controls for mobile phones? A joke!

Since smartphones were available, more and more parents are desperately looking for solutions to limit their children’s consumption. One way is certainly to improve children’s media literacy. In the meantime, however, there is also parental controls for the mobile phone, which can be played in the form of an app and then programmed. But security is often only deceptive – even when it comes to parental controls for mobile phones.

Parental controls for mobile phones? A joke!

1 million users can’t be wrong?

One example is Google’s “Family Link for Kids and Teenagers” app, which has been downloaded over 1 million times and is certainly already used on many smartphones. It is from September 2018, so not very old yet.

Parents weigh themselves in safety and believe that they can now safely control and limit internet access or gambling. But this parental control for the mobile phone offers only limited protection.

What Family Link promises

Family Link for children and teenagers promises, among other things, that parents can safely control their child’s screen time. Both a time limit and a fixed bedtime can be set so that the children can find a good balance between the real and the digital world.

The child’s devices can be locked remotely. Parents can also manage which apps children can buy and download. The location of the device can also be displayed to parents at any time.

Clever kids laugh at parental controls

Of course, there are always technically particularly gifted children and teenagers who find solutions to bypass such backup apps. With Family Link, however, it gets really funny.

In Google’s Play Store, children can also learn how to bypass the backup in the comments when downloading parental controls for their mobile phone. Don’t you think so? Here are two examples, there are more of them in the app’s ratings.

Bypassing parental controls Tip 1

Quote Play Store: “Tips for bypassing the locks: Info: I use Huawei, but it should also work with other brands. 1. In ultra-power saving mode, the timeout does not work. If the phone is locked, you can restart it and before the link can become active, activate the ultra-current saving mode. 2. Previously installed games are stored in the library. From there you can download them without permission.”

Bypassing parental controls Tip 2

Quote Play Store: “Trick to bypass. Download the Cheetah Keyboard app. When time runs out or bedtime occurs, you can go to an emergency, where you can make phone calls, then search for contacts, where you can call the keyboard. On the keyboard, you press the point next to the smiley face. From there you can get to the Internet and watch YouTube and etc. Only, you have to activate the keyboard in the settings!”

Surveillance or espionage ?

The surveillance mode is just as critical as the fake security. It means that children and young people no longer have privacy. Your parents can determine where the offspring is at any time of the day or night.

Furthermore, it does not seem to me to be certain that strangers do not have access to them with the negligently programmed parental controls for the mobile phone.