There are many practice possibilities

By now, almost everyone knows what a fidget hand spinner is. Anyway, when children between five and 15 are in play. A few years ago, the small, colorful roundabouts from America rolled like an invasion into German children’s hands.

Fidget Hand Spinner
Prima for concentration

If no one knew the toy a few months ago, it can be found at almost every checkout today. Even in petrol stations, the roundabouts become a bestseller – on the internet anyway.

There are numerous variants

“During the break we play with the gyroscope, in class we are not allowed to use it. Unfortunately!” Nine-year-old Svenja brings three fidget hand spinners for children out of her school ranch and proudly shows them to her friends. One lights up when turning, one is pink and one has six instead of three tips. “I bought them myself, from pocket money,” she says proudly.

Fidget Hand Spinner for Kids Are Affordable

Learning with the Fidget Spinner

The prices for the popular toy are very different, as are the quality. Everything revolves around a ball bearing around which a kind of wing is arranged. These are rotated as soon as possible. The children enthusiastically learn small tricks that can be learned quickly with the toy.

The name Fidget Hand Spinner is a compound invention from the words fidget and gyroscope. Fidget hand spinners for children are a resounding invention. This summer, no one can get past the trendy toy. And it’s not that bad…

No spinners in the classroom

However, the toy is banned in an increasing and increasing range of school classes. Although it is supposed to be good for concentration and against stress, it still attracts the attention of the children. Whoever turns his gyro will no longer. The Fidget Hand Spinner for children with ADHD is said to have a positive effect. This is possible, but the spin distracts the other children in the class. The toy is very controversial throughout Europe and some schools in America, France or England completely ban it.

Learn one-off with the spinner

The gyro as an alternative to the computer

Some teachers find the preoccupation with the Fidget Hand Spinner for children positive, because it is finally an alternative to the smartphone. In addition, the children learn some tricks through which their fine motor skills are trained. During the breaks, there is no objection to the use of the toy.

Ultimately, it is very reminiscent of the practice of turning a pencil between your fingers as quickly as possible. The fidget hand spinners are just a bit more expensive and an entire industry deserves quite a bit at the moment.

What you need to know about the hand spinner

The Fidget Hand Spinner comes in many variations. However, it is always a matter of keeping the rotating disc in motion with your fingers. A good device is securely in the hand, rotates evenly and long. The parts do not rust, there is no paint peeling off and there are no sharp corners and edges. Unfortunately, there are many bad models on the market that are not fun to play. The Fidget Hand Spinner is about turning the rotating disc for as long as possible. Cheap models stop quickly and spin with crunching noises.

Attention: Of course, the first reports of accidents are now circulating, as with any new toy. “In fact, there has already been a case in which the fidget spinner was almost responsible for a death. A 10-year-old Texan woman had to undergo emergency surgery because small parts detached from her spinner and got into her trachea.” Fidget Hand Spinners should therefore only be purchased if they have the CE label and the address of the manufacturer is available. Testing for loose small parts should be a matter of course before the toy gets into children’s hands.

Good for concentration or time grab?

Self-appointed experts and advertising professionals like to claim that the preoccupation with the toy increases concentration and is good against stress – even in children. The reason given is that the child’s urge to move is compensated by the hand spinner. Instead of jumping up and walking around or fidgeting on the chair, the fingers would need every movement pulse to keep the rotating disc moving.

But what about the rumour? Can children really concentrate better in class when their hand is busy spinning a disc? As always in pedagogy, the answer is not too short. It depends on what kind of child it is.

Fidget Hand Spinner
Focusing on the game
The fidget philipp benefits from the Fidget Hand Spinner for children

There are children who are constantly on the move. They are known to the general public by the term ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome). With this behavioral abnormality, some of the children are extremely restless and cannot sit still. Through their restlessness, they disturb the entire class. It is therefore often useful to employ children with ADHD so that they are less disturbed. It helps them to give in to their urge to move. Educators have had good experiences with the fact that

  • these children sit on a seat ball in class, catching their swings.
  • other children get a movement assignment during class, for example to write something on the board or to get something out of a cupboard.
  • Some children in class are given the opportunity to leave the room and run around the school yard.

These children can certainly benefit from doing something with their hands that compensates for the uncontrolled urge to move.

The Fidget Hand Spinner for Kids can also distract
Hand spinner in the classroom

Average students don’t necessarily benefit from a cool hand toy in class. They need their concentration to follow the teacher and absorb the knowledge.

The small, colorful, rotating discs are not suitable for these children to improve performance. Nevertheless, they should of course still own such a toy, but prefer to use it during the break or after class.

Beautiful leisure game for all ages

The hand spinner is a nice change from the computer of some kind. The toy should not necessarily be used in the classroom, but has a great entertainment value in leisure time. Speak for the Fidget Hand Spinner:

  • small price, affordable for everyone
  • trains the hand-dexterity
  • likes boys and girls
  • increases frustration tolerance when children want to improve their skills
  • is small and handy, can be stored anywhere
  • can be played both indoors and outdoors
  • makes children of all ages and also adults fun
  • many colours and shapes available

Conclusion: There is absolutely no objection to the Fidget Hand Spinner for children if it is not distracted by essential sethings or poorly processed. The toy is limited in the use of the toys in class or at school. Even if it benefits some children, it distracts others. For leisure time, the fun toy is a nice variety, which can be used in many ways. In addition, the Fidget Hand Spinner for children is available for a small amount of money.

Fidget Hand Spinner for Kids Delights Retailers

Of course, online shops and toy retailers are very happy about the new trend. Sales have long since cracked €1 million and there is no end in sight. The Fidget Hand Spinners cost between €4 and €30, depending on the design, making them affordable for almost anyone. The toy industry has long been working on the next trend, the Fidget Cube. The cube is to replace the gyroscope and will be launched later this year.

Fidget Cube
Finn is enthusiastic about the hand spinner
Fidget Hand Spinner Kids

“It’s just fun to turn the gyro as long as you can. I actually practice whenever I can. I can turn the spinner on the big toe, all fingers and on a pen. That impresses my girlfriend!” Finn plays with the Fidget Hand Spinner on the bus, in class and at homework.

He doesn’t feel distracted with it, but more concentrated. However, this could be a very subjective view that does not necessarily have to be correct.

Fidget spinner fever is rampant in Germany

When the trend from the USA to Germany at the beginning of the summer was “swept”, the small colorful roundabouts were found in every shop and on every counter. He was the top seller in many stores, and the business has been booming since March 2017. There were even supply bottlenecks because children, teenagers and adults were mad about it. That’s over, but almost everyone still has a spinner in the drawer.

Fidget means fidgeting or honing around

Whether there really is a positive effect on hyperactivity or extreme restlessness is debatable. Small appliances are also supposed to help against smoking, but this remains doubtful. It’s fun to watch videos on the internet showing what can be done with the Fidget Hand Spinner for kids.