Math is fun – example ANNA numbers

Many children have their problems with arithmetic and are happy when the homework for mathematics is done. But there are also students who really like numbers and numbers.

Most of the time, the displeasure with arithmetic is not at all due to mathematics itself. Many children have simply never experienced that math can be fun. With some game suggestions, for example the ANNA numbers, we want to change that.

Maths can also be entertaining, even with ANNA numbers.

Calculating with ANNA numbers

What are ANNA numbers?

ANNA numbers are four-digit numbers (e.g. 3663) where the start and end digits and the two middle digits match. However, it must not be the same number four times, i.e. the outer and inner pairs of digits must differ. ANNA numbers must also not start with a 0, because “leading” zeros are omitted when writing numbers (035 = 35).

Math games with numbers

With numbers, your child can play, like with colorful Lego bricks or pearls. Ask your child to find and write down all possible ANNA numbers. Give him 100 cards and ask them to handle the cards carefully. It should be careful that it writes down as few numbers as possible twice.

Questions: How many ANNA numbers are there? How can you make sure you haven’t written a number twice?

Solution: There are 81 ANNA numbers. Your child needs to find out that they can sort the numbers. First it writes everyone down with 1 at the beginning, then with the 2, then with the 3….

Mathematics is in many games

There are plenty of games and puzzle books that revolve around reading or spelling. However, the offer is less large for tasks related to mathematics. This is due not only to the lesser interest, but also to the diversity of mathematical fields. If the text comprehension and the reading tempo are always trained during reading, the content in mathematics is much more different. So it is not so easy to find a game or a task that exactly meets the respective interest and the level of knowledge of the child.

Diversity of topics Mathematics

Not only by class level and individual level of knowledge, but also by subject areas, the mathematical knob tasks and games are sorted. Learning mathematics is therefore a wide field.

For example, there are tasks that are also unique | basic arithmetic | geometry Geometrie | calculation with dimensions and units | Material or text tasks | the head calculation | written arithmetic | estimating, bundling and overturning

Mathematics Book Tip

Game suggestions for learning maths

Even children who like to calculate do not necessarily want to deal with tasks from the arithmetic book. Playful arithmetic training as a hobby or leisure activity should be distinguished from school learning.

Colorful worksheets, arithmetic games, exciting puzzles or fancy materials increase the fun and improve your child’s mathematical understanding by the way. Learning mathematics may be difficult at first, but gradually you get more and more ideas. I have put together three suggestions for your child.

1. One-time memory

Children who like to count in their heads and compete with others love the one-off memory. To do this, label square cards (60 cards are available for €2.99 on amazon) with one-off items and solutions. Mixing and covering up on the table – the individual arithmetic game is ready. Of course, you can also use the maps to create completely different tasks. Maybe time and day event (3 p.m. – feeding hamsters) or man and weight (mom – 60 kg | little brother – 13 kg).

2. Appreciate peas

Fill an empty milk bottle to the edge with dried peas. Now let your child estimate how many peas are in the flange. What possibilities does it develop to get to a roughly correct amount?

  • Weigh?
  • small quantity and transferred to total quantity?
  • count a shift?

3. What does the number mean?

Get wooden digits or small plastic digits and put them all in a bag. Now a player pulls one, two, or three digits from the bag and puts a number together from it. Maybe the 5 and 7 = 57 Now everyone is trying to find a suitable measure or unit.

  • Kilograms
  • Meters
  • Hours

Whoever first found something nearly suitable is the winner. 57, for example, could be the weight of a fellow player.