Whether first, second or fifth grade, after the holidays it is important for all students to start the next school year. After six weeks of summer holidays, it’s not so easy to get used to a new school year. But even after a shorter holiday, it can be difficult to reconnect.

Classroom lessons or homeschooling?

Especially in 2020, Corona has shaken up a lot of things, including the start of school after the holidays. Students are unsure what to do next. But even parents and teachers don’t know what to expect in the fall. But no matter what happens, it will continue to be learned. To shake off the holiday feeling and start fresh, we have collected 9 tips. Good luck in the new school year!

9 tips for all holiday ends

Our 9 tips are therefore valid not only for the summer holidays, but also for the start of school after the Easter holidays, the Christmas holidays or the autumn holidays. The children have become accustomed to falling asleep and lounging, now they need new motivation to start afresh with energy. Here are our nine tips for your child to make your school start smooth.

School start after the holidays

1. Start of school after the holidays: Start the day with a good mood and a great breakfast

Avoid whining about getting up early or thinking about homework with a reluctance. Negative thoughts do not make the end of the holidays easier, but make it difficult to start the new school year. Think about beautiful things that make you want to get up.

  • Roller shutter up and let the sun into the room, even fresh air makes you cheerful.
  • Set the alarm clock generously and use the time together to cuddle something else.
  • Pamper yourself with a great breakfast. Fresh fruit, healthy juice and your favourite buns awaken the spirits of life and increase the mood.
  • Live on music, you can also take advantage of this and start the morning with your favorite CD.

2. Start of school after the holidays: Make yourself want to learn through a gift

School start after the holidays

It is normal for first-graders to get a lot of small gifts at the start of school. This tradition makes the schooling something special and combines it with the anticipation of the surprise. Parents can also use this in the following classes and give their child meaningful gifts.

Of course, it should only be small things that lie next to the breakfast maker on the first day of school after the holidays. For this purpose, for example,

  • special issues that may have printed the child’s name on
  • a new filler or a special pen
  • a cool gym bag
  • a new book or a children’s magazine
  • Trading
  • a garment

3. Start of school after the holidays: Look ahead, the new school year is exciting

In any case, avoid boiling back bad experiences from the previous school year. Look ahead and tell yourself that the new beginning definitely offers a new opportunity. Look forward to new teachers, new classmates, and maybe new subjects. In each school year there are some highlights that are fun. For example:

  • a project week in the new school year
  • the Bundesjugendspiele in the summer
  • a class trip after the start of school
  • a joint excursion with the school
  • one night at school

4. Start of school after the holidays: Get in touch with your classmates

New school year

Maybe during the summer holidays you haven’t seen many of your classmates and forgotten a little bit. Think about which friends you’re looking forward to. You may even write these friends a small self-designed postcard with a holiday photo. For a few euros, such tickets can be ordered on the Internet (e.g. at Aldi).

Or you can paint your friends a picture, make something or record a small video to surprise them.

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5. Start of school after the holidays: Transfer a beautiful holiday ritual into everyday school life

What did you particularly like during the holidays? Think and write down at least five things that made the summer holidays so special. Choose something from it and just continue in the new school year. The following examples should be a suggestion:

  • You shopped and cooked once a week with your father.
  • Before bed, you were allowed to choose a game that was then played together. One day a week, this should also be possible during school time.

6. Start of school after the holidays: Combine the start of school with a new hobby

The football club may have become boring and the ballet lesson isn’t really fun anymore? Time; to try something new. When you pair the new, exciting, exciting hobby with the start of school, you have something else to look forward to.

7. Start of school after the holidays: Spend the first afternoon of school with your family

The first day of school? Found the new classroom? Old friends reunited? The way to school? Have been on time? These are all reasons to celebrate. Make every first day of school of the new school year a personal holiday and do something with your parents or friends. Drinking coffee, cinema, eating ice cream or going to the swimming pool – you deserve it!

8. Start of school after the holidays: Don’t forget your humour – start the day with a joke!

The sun is only sporadic, footballs and bicycles are back in the basement and the first chestnuts are on the sidewalks. These unmistakable signs of the end of the summer holidays,after a summer of the century, smell very intensely after a great school start.

Sleeping out and rum gammeln is over for most children for the time being, now it’s time to do homework, class work and go to bed early. New schoolbooks, packed ranches and set alarm clocks are the motto until the next holiday stop. We’ll give you five great tips on how to motivate your child to start school.

9. School start after the holidays: Getting up properly, great materials

Open the day with your favorite music, let light into the room and provide fresh air. This drives morning muffles out of the feathers faster. Beautiful notebooks, a special pen or a new poetry album can boost the joy of starting school after the summer holidays. Go shopping with your parents a few days before school and choose nice notebooks and pens.

Dear parents: A relaxed start to school is important for success
learning for a better handwriting
Finally write properly

Leave the unpleasant events(notes etc.) of last year in the drawer, they are past. Look forward with your child, make plans and approach the new school year positively.

Legacy issues only block your child. Don’t give your child the feeling that the beautiful time of the summer holidays is now abruptly over. Still go to the zoo in the afternoon, attend a Thanksgiving party or plan a visit to the cinema. Even during school time, leisure time can be entertaining and interesting.

Lure your child with a new project. Maybe it has always wanted to go to the swimming club, is happy about a craft course at the volkshochschule or finally comes to the football club. The more positive the time after the summer holidays, the more your child will look forward to school.